The Domino fund raising initiative!

Hi, Sculpters of the world;

Thank you to all contributors

On June-30-2009 the Machinimatrix team has started an initiative to help Domino Marama. The fund raising is closed now. We are currently preparing to send the collected amount to Domino. And as we have promised, we are going to match every single Dollar/Lindendollar with the same amount. And on top of this the machinimatrix (ok its the founder of the machinimatrix at the end) will add another donation.

On 31-July-2009 the fund holds 238.6 US$.
The counter will be updated ~once per day.

On 31-July-2009 the Linden$ account holds
68500 L$.

Important: If you have contributed to the fund, but you do not see your contribution
in the list of donators below, please tell us via Email ( ), or via IM
to “Gaia Clary” in world. The rightmost column in the list is the transaction code
(for paypal or Linden transactions)

The donators List

Donator Euro US$ Transaction code
DJ Flamand 50.00 Euro (~69.60 US$) 11T0xxxxxxxxx8817
Armond Laval 10,00 Euro (~13.92 US$) 5NL2xxxxxxxxx3836
Norse Writer 10000 L$ T-1783xxx201
Pavig Lok 7500 L$ T-1799xxx205
Gabby Handrick 5000 L$ T-1746xxx404
Anthonys Republic 5000 L$ T-1785xxx794
Grogo Tungsten 3000 L$ T-1801xxx576
Ayisha Apfelbaum 2000 L$ T-1744xxx212
Cordelia Cuttita 1000 L$ T-1743xxx715
Fangorn Dengaku 1000 L$ T-1785xxx650
Anonymous 44,06 Euro (~61.33 US$) 1G30xxxxxxxxx2619
Anonymous 24,55 Euro (~34.17 US$) 2A75xxxxxxxxx2640
Anonymous 15,00 Euro (~20,88 US$) 5YN2xxxxxxxxx4335
Anonymous 14,30 Euro (~19,90 US$) 9C78xxxxxxxxx9573K
Anonymous 10,00 Euro (~13.92 US$) 2Y01xxxxxxxxx181G
Anonymous 3,50 Euro (~4.87 US$)</td/

Anonymous 10000 L$ T-1774xxx417
Anonymous 3000 L$ T-1755xxx864
Anonymous 3000 L$ T-1757xxx670
Anonymous 3000 L$ T-1794xxx849
Anonymous 2000 L$ T-1743xxx405
Anonymous 2000 L$ T-1746xxx665
Anonymous 2000 L$ T-1750xxx387
Anonymous 2000 L$ T-1757xxx156
Anonymous 2000 L$ T-1761xxx268
Anonymous 2000 L$ T-1798xxx037
Anonymous 1000 L$ T-1752xxx573
Anonymous 1000 L$ T-1807xxx537
Anonymous 500 L$ T-1743xxx003
Anonymous 500 L$ T-1805xxx339

Good luck to everybody.
the machinimatrix team

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  1. Thanks everyone who has donated so far. With my wrist problems I’m not able to take on any commercial work and have seen my income drop by 90%. I always used to reinvest 20% of my income into my open source work, so currently my income is half of what I used to spend each month developing Primstar. I really appreciate the help in keeping this work going and I hope long term, that people do continue to donate so that full primitive support, avatar support and the many other things on my todo list can all be released as open source.