Meshes Overview

abstract:In this tutorial I have recorded a preview about the creation of meshes using blender. This tutorial des not reflect the current state of the development. So there may be differences to the actual release when meshes are published in beta.

intended audience:

  • Creators of content for OpenSim and similar environments

prerequisites (*):

related resources: Warning: Do not use with Jass-Pro and Jass-magic (these products already have an improved Collada Exporter)


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  1. Arik_the_Red says:

    Thank you for your work on this video. I am looking forward to tackling it now that I have watched. People make more noise about the hard parts of SL meshing, but this looks relatively painless to me!

    Of course, I suspect most of the griping has to do with meshmaking, and not the actual uploading and implementing to SL….

    I’ll find out now, anyway… 🙂

  2. Michel says:

    Thanks for your extensive information on meshes. I did not find any information on a problem I currently experience. Creating meshes in blender with an open area in the middle like torus or other cylindrical meshes is going fine. But when they are imported in SL , it seems that the bounding box is preventing my avatar to stand in it. It will stay on top of a torus or open cylinder even while there are no faces to stand on. What am I doing wrong ? Thanks for your time 😉

  3. Tatum88 says:

    Hello, is it be possible to make flexi mesh? I heard something about turn it on in public server but is it true?

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