A Roman Column (Blender 2.49)

abstract:In this tutorial I will create a simple roman Column using the mirror modifier, Crease and Loop Subdivision. The tutorial covers any recent blender-version up to the currently recommended release 2.49b and Jass2.


intended audience:

  • Creators of “sculpted prims” for OpenSim and similar environments
  • Blender novice (low/mid level skills)

prerequisites (*):

  • download: jass-2 (binary distribution, contains blender-2.49b, python-2.6.4, primstar-1.0.0 and more)

related tutorials:

Separate Downloads:

(*) If Jass-2 is not an option for you, you can download the prerequisites separately:

  • download: blender (2.46 or newer, 2.49b recommended)
  • download: python (2.6.4 for Windows, 2.5.2 for Mac OS)
  • download: primstar (1.0.0 or newer) by Domino Designs

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  1. Andrzej says:

    I’m having prlobems right off the bat here in Blender 2.5. I understand everything I’m seeing and how this should work, even as a newbie, but when I extrude I get these green and pink lines running across my viewport and they’re guiding my extrusions off the ZY plane. Even though I am a newbie, I have worked with the mirror modifier, made several rough models and yet I’ve never seen these before and they’re messing with my modeling. Anyone know how to deactivate them? any idea how to turn off this green and pink axis ? HELP

  2. Immortalis says:

    Just letting you know this video is missing from the tutorial page.

  3. Matt says:

    Your tutorials are always excellent, but I am having trouble with this one. I end up with something that looks very much like the column in the tutorial, but when I bake it I end up with a sphere, and the “import as sculpty” command in Blender does not work either, it appears to create an empty mesh. Do I need to apply the modifiers before baking or something?


    • Matt says:

      oddly enough, I did this again on my PC and it worked perfectly. Not sure what might have happened but it is ok now! 🙂

  4. CapnSparrow says:

    I’m having a slightly different problem than Xin. I applied the crease and that works, but when I switch from Simple to Catmull… I get wrinkling in the edges of the main column. I’ve gone back and started from scratch five times now and it always ends up this way.

    Here’s an example:
    [img]/wp-content/upload/catmull switch problem.jpg[/img]

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