The Product

Primstar-2 is a Blender Addon module for creating content for SL, OpenSim and similar platforms.


  • Create/modify Sculpted Prims.
  • Create/modify SL terrain including seamless round trip development (export from SL, modify in Blender, import back to SL).

Product Status (11-2013)

The Sculpty-related features of Primstar-2 are release ready and available within our early adopters program (see below).

Some of the planned functions are still waiting to be implemented (i.e. support for regular prims). Currently we can not give any estimate when the final version of Primstar will be available.

Early Adopters Program

We offer access to the development version of Primstar-2.

You will need to install Blender 2.59 or newer (We recommend to always use a recent version of Blender). Then you can install the developer version “primstar-2-dev” as a regular Blender add-on. Avastar works on all blender versions since Blender 2.59/2.6/2.7.

Update history

Frequently asked questions

What License is used for Primstar-2 ?

The Primstar-2 license is based on the Fair End User License Agreement by Ed Foster.

Where do i find documentation ?

Currently we have following more detailed info pages for you:

We will complete the tutorials and manuals before Primstar-2 will be released. Our contacts:

How can i purchase ?

primstar-2-dev can be instantly bought via Paypal (see Purchase offer on the top left side of this page)  or from the JASS-Shop.  After purchase you will get a permanent Link to the software. Also all future updates of the development release will be automatically posted under that link. The final release will be handed out as soon as it is available.

What will i get ?

The following is included with the early adopters program:

  • Get primstar-2 development release for blender-2.59 or newer
  • Get primstar-2 final release when ready
  • Get all upcoming Primstar-2 related basic Jass-training tutorials for download in HDI quality.
  • Buying now will directly support the development and documentation work!

What is the Pricing ?

The final price for Primstar-2 will be 6500 L$. But since the product is still missing some of the planned features, we currently give a discount of 500 L$. the current pricing is as follows:

  • New customer (L$6000)
  • Jass-Pro customer (4000 L$) upgrade fee
  • Jass-Magic customer (2000 L$) upgrade fee

This offer will end one month before Primstar-2 will be officially released.

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  1. Brent says:

    I just bought primstar-2 (b309) and have installed it successfully with Blender 2.71.
    My one purpose in purchasing it is to convert .tga files to .obj or .stl

    All documentation I see in doing so is about 4 years old and usually related to second life.

    Could someone give me a few steps or point me to how to import the .tga files within recent Blender once the add-on is fully installed? Thanks.

    • Gaia Clary says:

      This should be documented in the reference guides. (see at the top of the right sidebar of this page) If you struggle, then please feel free to report a ticket (see MY TICKETS in the secondary menu entry of this page)

      • norameddham says:

        i just buy prim star and install to blender 2.72b.the i bake the model but the uv texture colour not follow the uv mapping.can u help me

  2. John Vertigan says:

    I recently purchased Primstar 2 add on for Blender. I am familiar with Blender and have modeled quite a few mesh items with it. I am trying ti make a particular sculpty, an octogon pyramid lighthouse base, I can do this with a layer inside and out with nice creased edges with no problems.When I model in a door or windows through the side of the pyramid, primstar will not keep these openings, they are covered by extra verticies when baking a sculpty. Question is: Am I doing something wrong or have I exceeded the capabilities of Primstar, or is there some settings I need to address?


  3. oskar martian says:

    Hi … with the latest blender V2.63 , I can t active Primstar add on .
    Best regards

  4. Sledge Kappler says:

    Think i made a mistake to buy primstar-2.

    Tried to install and begin with reading the documentation. so far so good.

    links went to nirwana….404 not found…or i got something in italian?????

    is that worth L$ 6000????

    Sledge Kappler

  5. Leo Cyrule says:

    This is lovely… but do you not have a free version of primstar available for Blender 2.6? Don’t get me wrong… I think the feature sets are nice, but I don’t exactly need most of them. Only the ability to create the primitive base I need in-specific, and do the rest by hand.

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