The Sparkles Toolbox


Sparkles is a growing collection of useful tools (sparkles) for Animation and creation in Blender. Sparkles has been created for Game developers who need to export their creations from Blender to a target system.

What you get?

  • A Download link to the software (Sparkles Addon)
  • Bug Reporting System
  • 1 year of product updates1

1: You can continue to use the addon after your year is complete. Renewal adds a new year of updates.


New user:
Purchase the Product

Your update service terminated:
Purchase the Update

Where to Buy?

How does Sparkles relate to Avastar?

Sparkles provides features which are not available in Avastar.

Sparkles does not depend on Avastar, hence Sparkles can be used as standalone tool for general game development!

However, Sparkles integrates seamless into Avastar’s user interface. Actually Sparkles can be seen as an companion for Avastar.

So and now ?

Go sparkling.

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  1. SethianA says:

    I have purchased a new license for sparkles but it seems that I do not have a new update to correspond to the 2.10 alpha avastar…my version of spakles i have now is 1.72 for blender 2.70…?

    • Gaia Clary says:

      Sparkles is mostly unrelated to avastar. So Spakles 1.72 should work with avastar-2. If there are any issues with sparkles not working together with Avastar then please can you provide a ticket for this? thanks.

  2. tomm pye says:

    Am I correct that after installing ( and enabeling ofcourse) both the latest Avastar(1.5.9) and the free Sparkles-Light, there should be a second option in the Blender(2.76) ADD-menue ” Avastar with Quads ” ? Because I only see the ‘create new Avastar character’ option.
    thanx for all the good work

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