The Sparkles Toolbox


Sparkles is a growing collection of useful tools (sparkles) for Animation and creation in Blender. Sparkles has been created for Game developers who need to export their creations from Blender to a target system.

What you get?

  • A Download link to the software (Sparkles Addon)
  • Bug Reporting System
  • 1 year of product updates1

1: You can continue to use the addon after your year is complete. Renewal adds a new year of updates.


Sparkles is prepared for a relaunch. Currently it can not be purchased.

How does Sparkles relate to Avastar?

Sparkles provides features which are not available in Avastar.

Sparkles is designed as standalone tool for general game development! It does not depend on Avastar, but it is tightly integrated

Sparkles can be seen as an companion for Avastar.

So and now ?

Go sparkling.

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  1. Gameinatrix says:

    I bought Avastar when Sparkles was available for free with it. I went in to grab another copy in case I didn’t have the most current and now I see I have Sparkles Light instead. How do we fix that?

  2. Rose says:

    I installed sparkles. I saw a tutorial on sparkles, and I can not find it. Please, could you tell me where this is the tutorial. I find it a shame to have good tools such Avastar and Sparkles and not have to use the recent tutorials at best. Thank you for your attention on my request.

    • Gaia Clary says:

      Thanks you for your feedback.
      All features of Sparkles are documented in the Sparkles documentation (see right sidebar of this page).
      Maybe there is something missing. So please could you tell us exactly what do you not find and to which tutorial do you refer? Then we will improve the documentation as needed.

      • Rose says:

        Oh … ok, I found the video I had seen before: “timeline copy tool.” It saves time on the job of Animation. That’s cool! For creating animations is the hardest part when it is to make fluid and realistic animations. I’ll test it all. If I have questions, I will return.
        Thank you for your reply!

  3. Dani says:

    I have installed Sparkles 1.4-9 and I can’t locate it in Blender. I remember there was one nice video explaining about Sparkles, which I do not find here anymore or a proper tutorial for it. Could you, please, point me any tutorial for Sparkles? Thank you.

    • Gaia Clary says:

      all Sparkles are documented in the Sparkles reference documentation.
      You find this documentation when you scroll up to the top of this page,
      then look on the right sidebar.
      There you find 9 links to the various Sparkles tools.
      Let me know if still something is mising.

  4. nanida says:

    I have installed Sparkles Pro (sparkles-1.3-16_blender-2-70) , as well as the Avastar (avastar-1.4-9_blender-2-70). I was following up the video, and I got stuck at the copy key moment, once i select the upper, lower and my mesh object (t-shirt made out of cube), I do not get the smart key copy. Am i missing some steps here or ? I am using Blender v2.74. Thank you

  5. SethianA says:

    I cannot find the reference videos or manual for the Sparkles Mesh Machine….would you please refer me to this information. Thank you.

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