JASS-2.3.4-PRO release notes (WIN and MAC)

2.3.4 New and fixed (up to 09-september-2010):

  • FIX: Object Center sometimes jumps away from geometrical center during bake
  • FIX: Objects sometimes jumps away from its original position during bake
  • FIX: Multipart baker sometimes creates LSL-file with wrong object scale

2.3.3 New and fixed (up to 03-september-2010):

  • FIX: WIN File association “.blend” was not correctly resolved.
  • FIX: WIN File association was taken from other app (blender or jass)
  • FIX: WIN problems when switching between PRO and PUB versions of jass
  • FIX: WIN internal usage of PYTHONPATH/PYTHONHOME caused problems
  • NEW: WIN-Installer now has 2 fully supported installation modes:
    1. appdata installation (best for multi user installs)
    2. central installation (best for parallel jass/blender installs)
  • NEW: WIN new utility program “factorySettings” resets appdata to Jass-defaults.
    installation settings. Good for rescue reset. The program can be called from:
    Start -> Programs -> Jass-PRO -> factorySettings
  • FIX: Windows installer now installs correctly again.
  • FIX: MAC-OSX Wrong file permission settings have been fixed.
  • FIX: Mac-OSX Compatibility code for Mac was missing.
  • FIX: Bake of multiple parts with “Keep Center” was broken.
  • FIX: Import of .obj files did not auto-create the UV-maps.
  • NEW: “Optimize Resolution” OPTION now always visible  in baker.

2.3.2 New and Fixed:

  • NEW: PRO-Support for MAC-OSX (Jass-2.3.2-PRO).
  • NEW: Scripts archive separately available.
  • FIXED: Bug in Bake Sculpties when “keep center” was checked.

Known bugs in 2.3.3:

Bake tool: When you are baking multi-part objects and if you do
not want to use “Keep Center” then you must apply

Object -> Transform -> Center New

to each part before baking. Otherwise weird results can happen.
It is not yet clear what causes this problem.

Detailed descriptions

09-sep-2010 FIX: Object Center sometimes jumps away from geometrical center during bake

When an object was scaled in object mode, the calculation of the object center was done wrong. So it could happen that an object center jumps way out of focus and potentially causes very odd behaviour after baking. This problem has been fully solved and object centers should now be placed at the correct location in any situation.

09-sep-2010 FIX: Objects sometimes jups away from its original position during bake

Occasionally an object jumps to a different location directly after bake. Usually you can get the object back to its original location by hitting CTRL-z. We think we found the cause and fixed it.

09-sep-2010 FIX: Multipart baker sometimes creates LSL-file with wrong object scale

The symptom is that the LSL-script generates all parts of the object in nearly the same size regardless of their actual size. The problem was caused by the “optimized resolution” feature. This feature actually uses different BoundingBoxes for the parts of the set, while the original algorithm used the same BoundingBox for all parts and adjuted the size of the parts by reducing the number of available grid points.

03-sep-2010 FIX: WIN File association “.blend” was not correctly resolved.

When Jass was told to server the .blend file association, it did not find the correct jass executable and/or the associated python. The problem raises especially when multiple versions of blender and jass have been installed on your system. This problem is now fixed.

03-sep-2010 FIX: WIN File association was taken from other app (blender or jass)

Jass was silently overwriting the file association entry in the Windows registry. The new installer now tests if the association has already been granted to another program and asks if is allowed to switch the association over to the new installation..

01-sep-2010 FIX: WIN problems when switching between PRO and PUB versions of jass

When you want to use JASS-PRO and JASS-PUB on the same computer you might have faced some weird baheviour. The main problem is that all versions of Jass and blender share the same application folder. This is a limitation introduced by blender itself and we did not want to fix blender at this time. Instead we now check during startup of Jass if the Jass version matches the version stored in the application folders. When Jass detects a missmatch, it will fix the application folder on the fly by copying the matching scripts version from the installation directory. During this process Jass also detects if you have modified your default start page and in that case it asks you if you want to migrate your start page.

NOTE: This fix is only partial and it does not solve all problems with sharing of application folders between different applications. We eventually will fix blender’s behaviour and the way it searches for its application data directory right in the blender code base. Such that it will become fully independent from the blender data.

01-sep-2010 FIX: WIN: internal usage of PYTHONPATH/PYTHONHOME caused problems

We have been told that JASS does not cooperate well with other tools which also use an embedded PYTHON. In particular users have reported that the parallel usage of blender 2.5 was broken. We have taken care about that and we have completely removed any usage of environment variables from JASS. Furthermore Jass will now automatically decide if it will use the embedded python interpreter (which is installed by default together with JASS) or the python installed on your system. Note that if both are available Jass will use the embedded interpreter.

28-aug-2010 NEW: WIN-Installer now has 2 fully supported installation modes

In previous releases the installation of blender often was a problem on Windows-7 and Vista-systems. We now have sorted out most of the issues and have created a new installer which supports 2 installation strategies:

Multi User Installation

In this installation mode the application data of blender is copied on demand to each users application data folder. Each user can then modify and customize the application data separately from all others. i.e. it becomes possible to customize different default start pages for different accounts. Or add different sets of scripts to different accounts.

Single user mode

In this installation mode the entire application data is copied into the installation directory. In order to avoid permission issues the application data folder has been “unsecured” by granting full access to all authorised users.

Please note that you can switch between the 2 installation modes by rerunning the Jass-installer.

28-aug-2010 NEW: WIN new utility program factorySettings resets to the Jass

When you are operating in multi user mode, then an update of Jass will not automatically update the user application data. Or sometimes you might have corrupted your application data and want to return to the factory settings of Jass ? For these cases we have added the new program “factorySettings”. This program does a copy from the safe (and never touched) factory application data and overwrites your personal applicationData folder.

Important note: After a reinstallation of Jass or after an update of Jass in multi user mode the existing application data folders of the users are NOT automatically updated. So in order to get the newest scripts each user must run the factorySettings script once after upgrade.

The script is available from:

Start -> Programs -> Jass-PRO -> factorySettings

FIX: MAC-OSX Wrong file permission.

The repackaging of blender/jass for Mac-OSX introduced wrong file permissions on the scripts folders. Blender could not open these files and thus they where not accessible in the program.

FIX: Mac-OSX Compatibility code for Mac was missing.

The MAC-OSX code for Jass-2.1.2 has never been stored in our versioning system. Hence

FIX: Bake of multiple parts with “Keep Center” was broken.

The size of objects was calculated wrong when “keep Center” was selected together with “Optimize Reolution”. Now you can Use “Keep Center” together with “Optimize Resolution”. However there is a remaining bug, see below.

FIX: Import of .obj files did not auto-create the UV-maps

The File -> Import -> Second Life sculptie is able to import from an .obj file. We have changed the API for the sculptify object tool and forgot to propagate this change to the import function.

NEW: “Optimize Resolution” now always visible but disabled
The “Optimize Resolution” feature is only usefull in multi üpart bakes. In 2.3.2 the function has been hidden from the GUI for single sculptie bakes. This caused a bit of confusion. Hence i have changed the GUI such that now the option always displays but is disabled for single sculptie bakes.

NEW (MAC Support for JASS-2.3.2-PRO) :

I managed to eventually release the JASS-2.3.2 MAC-OSX PRO version, so MAC users are now also up to date. MAC-Users please just go to the Jass-Shop and buy the JASS-PRO version as everybody else too. The vendor will provide you a Download-link containing 2 separate binaries, one for Windows users, the other for MAC users. The MAC installation video still applies. Only the release number has changed.

IMPORTANT: If you have already purchased JASS-PRO for Windows, JASS-PRO For MAC is free for you. All Customers please either use your received Inventory link, or if you do not know what that is, go to the Shop and click on the Update Vendor to obtain you personal Inventory link!

NEW(Separate Scripts archive):

If you just want to get the PRO scripts, we now provide a third binary containing just that. So if you are running on Unix, Linux or any other operating system which we do not directly support, but which is capable to run blender, again buy the PRO edition and then download and unzip the scripts archive. Then install the scripts into the scripts directory of your blender-instance and you are done.

FIXED (Bug with Baker tool):

A customer found a bug in the JASS-PRO-2.3.1 release when baking sculpties with “Keep center” checked. This broke the sculptmesh in a very odd way such that only one half of the sculptie was baked. This problem has been fixed.

please report back if anything is broken. In that case we are either going to fix your issues as soon as possible or we will refund you if you prefer.

Enjoy Jass-Pro

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  1. Boyce Orji says:

    Great story over again. I am looking forward for more updates!

  2. Fizz Savira says:

    I bought the 2.3.4 Pro version for the Mac today, and I wanted to test out the multi-bake features, and have managed to do it (after discovering that I needed to remove my ~/blender_scripts folder and have the application rebuild the menus…), however it seems to be ignoring the “transparent” button when I select it…

    • Fizz Savira says:

      Ok, I poked and prodded this a bit, and have learned that if you go and single bake each object first with transparent enabled, and then multi-bake later, it works fine. So I guess some magic state is getting set that is attached to each object/mesh, and it needs to be set when you multi-bake…

      At least I have a workaround 🙂 I’m really excited about your precision fixes, so I really want this to work!

  3. Truthseeker Young says:

    Hello and THANK YOU for all your wonderful work on JASS, and for your invaluable Blender tutorials as well!

    I’ve recently switched over to a brand-new Windows 7 (64 bit) machine (from my ancient Powermac, which was running older versions of Primstar & Jass just fine), and seem to be stuck at step 1 lol: Installation (d’oh!)

    I download & install my copy of jass 2.3.4., and Blender launches fine, but when I try to create a sculpt mesh, I get a ‘python error: check console’ message. Console tells me that it couldn’t find Python 2.6.2, but I was under the impression that Python 2.6.5 was installed by the Jass install wizard? Did I misunderstand that part? Do I need to run a separate installation of Python?

    I haven’t installed any other versions of Blender or Python on this machine, so I can’t imagine there’d be any duplicate copies of scripts folders to mix up or anything…

    • Gaia Clary says:

      Hi, Truthseeker;

      How did you start blender/jass exactly ?
      It must be started from the desk top icon
      or from start -> all programs -> jass -> jass-*-exe

      It is known to (sometimes) fail when started from
      a sticky icon in the program bar.

      Please start an email request to gaia.clary@machinimatrix.org
      for this issue.

  4. Sneeker says:

    If you are “not charging” as for the gpl and only charging “for the support” where can I get a free version that includes the features “only” included in the version you are charging for?

    • matrice.laville says:

      You can get the sources of the scripts from our shop. and you do not need to pay for it. If you think that our work is not worth a reward then just take it with you and get happy. BTW charging for open source under GPL is explicitly allowed and it is even encouraged. In the case you want to know more about that then please read the gpl philosophy at http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/selling.html

      Thanks for your attention.


  5. vallky india says:

    Hello, thanks for your suport…

    I will send for you the blend file… I’m satisfied with Jass pro and your support.

    This is my first high problem whit it.

    And I don’n want any refund, because the Jass Pro is very usefull for me…

    I’m sure that together we can find the solution to the problem. And that will serve as an aid to more users of the system.