Character creation&Animation for Second Life

We are proud to present you our newest product for your Second life. today we have released Avastar-1, a character creation & animation tool for Blender-2.59 and newer.

The tool is fully compatible with the Second Life character rig and adds a multitude of extras for your convenience:


  • IK/FK Rig
  • Shape Import (via viewer export)
  • Mocap Import
  • .bvh and .anim export
  • SL Shape Sliders support
  • Clothing creation (fUses the SL Standard UV Map)
  • Hand Morphs

Please check out our preliminary documentation on the Avastar page


Early access program

Avastar is currently in Beta status. We expect to release Avastar-1 by end of january 2012. Until then we have setup an early access program with a discount of 1000 L$ off the regular price.

  • Regular Price: 7000 L$
  • Discount price: 6000 L$

Questions ?

Please ask any questions at:

  • Second Life, IM to Gaia Clary
  • email to

This software was brought to life by:

Magus Freston
Domino marama
Gaia Clary