Primstar-2 Update 260

Primstar-2-dev-260 on Blender 2.61:

The February update only contains one single change:

  1. NEW: Multi Part Export

Please also check out the new Reference video 5 (Multi Part Export) for Primstar-2.

!!! Remind: This is an early access version !!!

Remind that Primstar-2 is not yet fully developed! When you install the module, then you will find an appropriate notification in the module details:

The warning will be removed when the final Primstar-2 release is published (and you will find it in your update folder as a regular update as soon as it is available)

Change Details:

The Multi Part Exporter currently allows to export all textures and Sculpt maps and it generates an LSL Script Please always check for changes in the
Primstar-2 documentation!

  • I already purchased Primstar-2:
    You find the new update in your Jass-Inventory folder.
  • Ipurchased another Jass product:
    If you have already purchased Jass-Pro or Jass-Magic, then your old purchase gets fully taken into account.
  • I want to buy Primstar-2:
    You can buy directly from Paypal (see left column of this page), or go to the Jass-Shop in Second Life and purchase from the Primstar-2 vendor.

Questions ?

Ask Gaia Clary in Second Life, or send email to

Have Fun

Gaia & Domino


3 Enlightened Replies

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  1. arconide says:

    sorry aber ich habe mir prmstar 2 gekauft über paypal…
    nach einem kurzen text war der rest vom primstar nicht mehr verfügbar .. jetzt habe ich nur den text aber das programm immer noch nicht

    habe ich dafür 22$ aus dem fenster geschmissen ?

  2. Max1000 Oh says:

    I think you should correct the documentation and the video link on this web page.
    Both are dead links!