Primstar-2: update 283

Primstar-2-dev-283 ready for Blender 2.64:

This Primstar-2 update introduces a workaround for a Bug in Second Life concerning LSL-based Sculptie generators.:

  1. FIX: Fixed problems with linking parts in Second Life
  2. FIX: LSL scripts with many parts can get heap/stack collision problems
  3. IMP: For multipart bakes the baker no longer rebakes already baked images.

When you find a Bug

  1. Send us your blend file
  2. Add a short description about:
    – what you try to do
    – how it fails for you.
  3. email to
  4. Send a reminder if you think
    that your request was ignored.

!!! Remind: This is an early access version !!!

Remind that Primstar-2 is not yet fully developed! When you install the module, then you will find an appropriate notification in the module details:

The warning will be removed when the final Primstar-2 release is published (and you will find it in your update folder as a regular update as soon as it is available)

Where is the Download ?

Please check in the FAQ.

Change Details:

Recently Linden Labs introduced a new issue concerning the linking of new created Prims. We have found a workaround for Primstar-2. You may notice that the Primstar-generator sometimes makes little jumps like hickups. that’s on purpose. When that happens then the generator location was moved a bit and then returned to its original location, therefore i named it the “hick…up” fix.

Please always check for changes in the
Primstar-2 documentation!

  • I already purchased Primstar-2:
    You find the new update in your Jass-Inventory folder.
  • I purchased another Jass product:
    If you have already purchased Jass-Pro or Jass-Magic, then your old purchase gets fully taken into account.
  • I want to buy Primstar-2:
    You can buy directly from Paypal (see left column of this page), or go to the Jass-Shop in Second Life and purchase from the Primstar-2 vendor.

More Questions ?

Ask Gaia Clary in Second Life, or send email to

Have Fun

Gaia & Domino


4 Enlightened Replies

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  1. Paul54 Rofrfo says:

    Hello Gaia

    Is there a tutorial video for Blender 2.64 showing creating Sculpts for Second Life also making the Texture Maps using materials and Textures then baking the Sculpt Maps and the Texture Maps

  2. Dizzi Sternberg says:

    Hi Gaia

    I am having a problem with blender 2.64 and this update 283

    When I bake a sculptie the UVmap texture remains a black square but if I save it as a texture it is actually ok. If I import the saved texture as a sculpty it is the correct shape. also if I reload the texture it shows as the correct rainbow texture but any subsequent rebakes have no effect until I save texture and reload.

    everything works fine in blender 2.62

    • Gaia Clary says:

      hi, Dizzi.
      It is a Bug in Blender.
      Sorry, we do not know any workaround for that problem except waiting for the next blender release.

    • Paul54 Rofrfo says:

      When you bake your sculptie and the image in the UV editor says black just do this:

      Press view Then properties(N) from the menu in UV Editor.
      A Grease Pencil Panel will pop up scroll down a little bit until you see source change the drop down from Generated to single image.

      Then go to Render on the top menu and bake again you should then get the proper RGB map image.

      Another way is to bake the sculptie before open the UV Editor when you then open the UV Editor the RGB image map should be there in full color.