If you have purchased Avastar, then you now find avastar-1-1-910_blender-2-64.zip in the testversion subfolder of your download folder.

New Bones

Avastar now contains 7 additional Collision Volumes:

  • BUTT

New Tool: Swap Collision with Deform

I have also added a new tool for swapping weights between the SL Bones (now named “Basis” bones) and the corresponding Collision Volume Bones. You find this tool when you are in Weight Paint mode (with the Skeleton set to Pose Mode). The tool shows up in the Weight Copy Tools Panel.

The tool currently only renames the weight groups. It does not change the weights.best is to justtest the tool to see what it does:

  1. Ensure the Skeleton is in Pose Mode
  2. Select the Mesh model
  3. Go to Weight Paint Mode
  4. in the Tool shelf select the”Weighting Preset” (in the Show Bones Panel)
  5. Ensure that the “Deform” Bone Group is enabled
  6. Select one or more Pose Bones
  7. Call the Swap tool (in the Tool Shelf, Copy Weight tool Panel)
  8. See which bones get visible and which bones get hidden.
  9. All visible bones are deform bones.


We have added a one to one mapping between Basis Bones and Collision Volumes. But there are some caveats:

  • Some Collision Volumes are associated to multiple Basis Bones. In this case the tool uses one “primary” Collision Volume for the association to the Basis Bone. The tool ignores all other associated Collision Volumes from the same basis Bone.
  • Some basis Bones are not associated to Collision Volumes. These bones is fully ignored by the tool.

New Sections “Deform” and “Basis”

When you look into the tool shelf -> ShowBones panel then you now see a small change in the bone group section:

  • SL Bones have been renamed to “Basis”
    This group contains the 26 SL Standard Bones
  • There is a new Group named “Deform”
    This group contains the set of Bones which are marked as Deforming. So when you select this group, then you will see all bones which can contribute to your animation (when they are weighted to vertices)