Avastar-2 RC2 is available

We are now in the Release Candidate phase where we give Avastar-2 to all owners who have purchased the Avastar-2 development version. So you now find the Avastar-2.0-RC2 version in your

Avastar Download Folder

Important: RC means:
This is still a hot potato version!

Please read the initial Release Testing document while you do your testing!

Changelog sinbce Avastar-2RC1

  • Fix: The default Action did not export

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  1. Ada Radius says:

    There seems to be a minor bug at a webpage link from User Preferences. When I click on Avatar Release Info for Avastar 2.0.45, I get taken to a webpage that advises me: You can update to Avastar-1.7.0

    • Laureen says:

      Hello Ada

      i look today and see always the Version 1.7.4 not higher dont understand it 🙁

      Laureen Adasia

  2. Laureen says:

    Why can´t i download the Avastar 2-RC Version? I have in my Downloads Folder only the Version 1.7.4 cant find the Newest there

    Laureen Adasia

  3. Samarra says:

    So we don’t need to create new tickets to get testing version? I’m struggling with trying to make my own bento wings 0.o