Dear customers

We are now very close to release Avastar-2.5 We believe we have fixed all major bugs and added all major improvements for Avastar-2.5. We have now started to rework the documentation to apply all changes since Avastar-2.4

So now is the time to make some more in depth feature tests and there we kindly ask you to give us a bit of a helping hand. We ask you in particular because we believe that you already have very good knowledge about Blender and you have been using Avastar for quiet a while.

Our topics of interest for this test

– Usability of the user interface
– Usability of the documentation
– Check if the basic Avastar functionality works as expected
– Check if what you personally need from Avastar works for you
– Check border cases where you know that Avastar is weak

Where you find the test releases

Important: You find the release candidates in the daily build folder. But note that the daily builds are still numbered as Avastar-2.4-something. This is not an error, it is just a matter of numbering the prereleases in a consistent way. As long as we have not released Avastar-2.5 every uploaded revision (also the release candidates) are still considered to be successors of Avastar-2.4, hence the numbering.

Remind: You would always download and install the newest available daily build for testing.

What we would like to get

We would appreciate if you report your finds by using our ticket system. And if ever possible we would be very happy if you could make some more in depth investigations to find possible workarounds for an issue or even find possible causes for an issue.

About the ticket system

    Avastar-2.5 test: <your short issue description>

Note: If you stumble over multiple issues then it is absolutely sufficient if you tell us just about one or two of the most serious problems you found.

What you get back in return

We know that testing takes time and because of this we do not expect you to spend your time for nothing. However your help will result in getting a more stable product within a shorter time.

Thanks for reading and thanks for any feedback we get from you.