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Avastar Classic & Fitted Mesh Workflows

Avastar & Blender 2.7 Avastar is fully working together with Blender 2.70.  To be up to date, always use the highest numbered Avastar which at this time is avastar-1.5-9_blender-270.zip (which can be found in the main...

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What is Mesh ?

Basically: All mesh is “mesh” Whatever you see,  rezz or wear in SL is mesh. that is true for prims, sculpties, static mesh, rigged mesh, liquid mesh, fitted mesh, … Its all basically the same: mesh is a set of...

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Skinning (weighting your mesh) [PS Showtime url=”/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/map_skinning.png”] [[22333]] The Skinning Panel Once you have bound your custom mesh to an Avastar rig, the Skinning panel changes as...

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Basic Skinning using prepared weights

Purpose Your Model does not contain initial weights. However you want to reuse weight maps that have been made for other meshes (your own mesh weight templates for example, or the Avastar Meshes). You want those weightmaps get...

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