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Freeze Shape

Freeze Shape Purpose The Avastar Meshes can not be modified. As soon as you try to do this, you will get very bad distortions. This is due to how Shape keys are handled in Blender. The freeze either creates static meshes from...

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Avastar Tools

Avastar Tools [PS Showtime url=”/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/map_avastar_tools.png”] The Avastar Tools Panel is sort of a does not fit anywhere else container. You find the Avastar Tool Panel in the Tool Shelf, in the...

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Create an editable Avastar

Purpose You may want to modify the Avastar meshes, or just create posed static versions of the Avastar meshes. The workflows below help you to Quickly create a Mesh based clone of the SL Avatar. Good to know: [[23328]] Main...

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Fitted Mesh

Since there is currently so much talk about liquid mesh i thought maybe i put together some substantial facts about this topic. What is Fitted Mesh? So, what is Fitted mesh, Liquid Mesh, Flexi Mesh, Redpoly mesh, weighting to...

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