Author: Gaia Clary

Avastar 2.79 released

Welcome to Avastar 2.79 Naming conventions changed We changed the naming conventions for Avastar. The previous major Avastar release was Avastar 2.5 . Avastar 2.79 is the follow up release. On our way to Blender 2.80 Avastar...

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Avastar 2.80 – update

We are at the junction point! The plan for the near future is: We release Avastar 2.79 around 13-july-2019. We plan for Avastar 2.79 to be the last release for blender 2.79. We start the final migration from Avastar 2.79 to...

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Avastar 2.5

Avastar-2.5 is out Welcome to Avastar-2.5 (27/Oct/2018) We are very proud to finally publish a new Avastar release. We have been working on this since April-2018. The release contains various small fixes and some bigger ones as...

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