Author: Gaia Clary

Level of Detail (LOD)

We show you, how you can use blender to create sculpted prims with high precision. This tutorial will cover the basics of LOD (Level of detail) and show you how to avoid the most common pitfall in sculptie creation. We used blender 2.46 for all demonstration sequences.

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Texturizing Sculpties (1)

abstract: Welcome to our secnd blender tutorial. We will now create a surface texture for a sculpted prim helmet. If you want to get more basic informations about how we created this helmet, please go and fetch the video about...

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Modelling Sculpties

abstract:The tutorial shows in easy steps, how to create an object with blender and export it as a sculptie map (UV-texture) for usage in OpenSim or any compatible online world. We assume, that you have basic knowledge about the...

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