The Avastar price List 2017/18

Avastar-2 with Bento

Avastar-2 US$ Euro Linden$ Description
Full Version(2) 40 40 10000 Purchase Includes 1 year support
Support Renewal 20 20 5000 Update Additional year of support

Upgrade from Avastar-1

You get your upgrade to Avastar-2 if you purchase a Support Renewal:

Item US$ Euro Linden$ Description
Upgrade(3) 0 0 0 Switch to Avastar-2 License
Support Renewal 20 20 5000 Additional year of support
Sum 20 20 5000 Upgrade

(1) Prices are subject to change.  Notification will be made in advance.

(2)The full version at time of purchase can be used with or without Support renewal in perpetuity.  Support purchase grants access to any versions released till the end of that Support period.  Lapse of Support renewal results in the requirement of purchasing the full version when purchase is after the Support renewal date.

(3) The Upgrade to Avastar-2 changes your license to the Avastar-2 license policy