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  • The SL Skeleton Course

    8 Lessons in $ 15.00

    Course Content:

    • SL Avatar & its Mesh
    • Working with rigged Mesh
    • The Appearance Editor
    • Morph Sliders
    • Weight Maps
    • Bone Transformations
    • Rest Pose and SL Default Avatar
    • Working with non default Shapes (WIP)

    Course Description

    This course guides you through all aspects of the Second Life Skeleton. This knowledge will help you to create your own SL compatible characters, attachments and animations.

    An accompanying course Video is included (with Closed Captions)

    The course video contains a brief self contained introduction into all topics which are covered in much greater detail within the course lessons.

    Note: Lesson 8 is still under construction

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  • Non Human Character rigging

    7 Lessons in $ 25.00


    This course takes you into the details of the Avastar Rig. we will talk about:

    • The Armature Data properties.
    • The Avastar Rig structure.
    • Rigging a Horse with correct IK setup.

    We also provide a horse mesh (blend file) to work with.


  1. Skeleton structure (free, video 15 min).
  2. The story of Bones (video 15 min).
  3. Bone Roll (Introduction)(no Video).
  4. Modify the Rig(no Video).
  5. Fixing Bone Roll(no Video).
  6. Fixing IK Targets(no Video).
  7. Skinning(no Video).

We believe the course is doable within 7 working days. We encourage you to tell us your opinion and your proposals for improving the course. Finally, if you find the course is not of value for you, then you can ask for a full refund within 7 days after purchase.

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