Meshes I

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The tutorial shows in easy steps, how to create an arbitrary mesh with blender and export it as a Collada-1.4 file for usage in OpenSim or similar online worlds. We assume, that you have basic knowledge about the blender user interface. But we still provide enough background information, so that even blender newbies can follow the process. The tutorial works best with Jass-2.3 (either pub or pro), but any blender 2.4* version up to the release 2.49b is suitable.


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  1. Seer says:

    Where can I find the background image of the lighthouse that Gaia uses please.

    Do I need to upgrade to Blender 2.63 and also buy primstar 2 , or can I continue to use Blender 2.49b Pro

  2. Rozelia says:

    Thank you very much for your valuable help Gaia!
    I just started using Blender for a uni project and your tuts are very helpful!
    Thanks again! Please keep up the good work!
    Waiting anxiously for Meshes IV tutorial.

  3. Jojo1905 Guardian says:

    Hmm, ich versuche das Mesh hochzuladen aber es geht irgendwie nicht, im Vorschaufenster sehe ich nichts und oben im Namen sagt er immer “emty mesh” …

    Gaya, wenn du mir helfen könntest….

    gruß Jojo

  4. Nicky Perian says:


  5. Nicky Perian says:

    Okay, Where do I find the background image of the library?

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