Meshes III

abstract:The tutorial shows in easy steps, how to refine the mesh created in Part I and II of this tutorial series. We try to make the initial object less blocky, yet preserve sharp edges where necessary. And we will show how you can add up to 8 textures to different parts of your model. This video only shows how to define the “texture faces”. The actual texturing starts in the next part.


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  1. Romaq Rosher says:

    Looking forward to Meshes IV. I’m considering the purchase of Blender Foundations: The Essential Guide to Learning Blender 2.6 except it is NOT by “The Blender Foundation”, and it isn’t Blender 2.6. I have my Blender for Dummies book. If I can find a good link that takes the next step, I’ll post it here if that’s ok. I’m kinda hanging on the wait for Meshes IV also.

    I plan to put together the money to purchase Avastar. I hope donations help also. I’m really n00b at Blender, and I want to do my part to see more tutorials of this sort, especially on the Blender 2.61 UI.

  2. Kouta says:

    I have yet to find a tutorial, that’s given me that, “Oh… I get it now” moment, when it comes to unwrapping a mesh UV map or anything close to such a moment.

    I hope to god, that you guys make such a video, I’ve been hunting for such a video or anything close for over a month or two, probably longer then that, I’ve lost track.

    The lack of such a video is detrimental to my drive to make mesh objects…

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