NURBS2Sculptie (Blender 2.49)

The Nurbs2Sculpty script has been integrated into Primstar-1, Jass-2 and Primstar-2.

 Here is what you will want to do nowadays:

 For Blender 2.49 and Jass

  • Go to object mode
  • Click object -> scripts -> sculptify object

 For Blender 2.5 and 2.6

  • Go to object mode
  • Click Object -> sculptify Object

There is another tutorial available, which shows “sculptify Object” in action.

If you insist on watching the video:

Here it is (redrawn from the ARCHIVE):


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  1. Ryo Saeba says:

    hi, i wanted to know why my heart doenst look like the one on video! i follow all the steps and i never get a clean perfert heart like the one on the video,why is that?

    • Gaia Clary says:

      If you can make a screen cast of what you do, or send a blend file with your results then we might be able to tell you what you are doing wrong. sending a blend file works best with You upload there and then tell us the link to the file. Quick and easy 😉

  2. zanna says:

    Hello.. I am using Jass 2.. I followed your Nurbs Heart tutorial and I seem to have a problem. When the heart is selected, there is no Scripts under Object.But when the screen is empty ( when I delete the heart) I can see Scripts under Object. Why does that happen? thank you..

    • Gaia Clary says:

      please read the headline of this page. it is written in capital letters and i can’t think of a more prominent display other than removing the video 😉

      • zanna says:

        Yep I see that.. I am still confused.. You say to be in Object mode and To Look for Scripts under Object menu right? I selected the object mode and the heart and then when I look for scripts under Object menu I cant find it. Am I missing something simple here?

        • zanna says:

          Oh never mind I got it :).. Sorry.. I redid the entire heart creation and then it was available. Something must have been wrong with my first heart. Thank you so much :).. And sorry to be of a bother. I love your tutorials. hugs..

  3. Steen says:

    A belated Thanks to Harley!! Finally found the active script folder in my vista and made the script work..THANKS

  4. AlexanderD Schumann says:

    Gosh! My Windows left me a month ago so I’m using Ubuntu. Till then I was used to create using a mix of different 3D tools I found myself at ease. I cannot say the same about Blender {I would use the word HATE about this basterd ~ ugh…a citation… lol ~ of a tool!} and I’m really struggling to make it work. I feel like an idiot so please forgive my relatively stupid question but I really need it to not see my business crash {I need to fix some wrong sculpties else I’m lost} just before to start!

    Where the Sculpty gets saved!???

    I thought to cheat Blender just using Ubuntu screenshot to save the UV area and edit that in Gimp but…. I neither manage to open the UV map in Blender! HEEEEEELP… pleeeease….

    AlexanderD Schumann peels the skin off his own face with his hands, in despair.

    • Gaia says:

      Hi, Alexander

      You find the image save button in the UV-editor. Click on Image -> save to get your image out of blender.
      If you need more basic information about the “beast”, you can watch the blender primer…
      BTW: Using screen grab to get the data is sort of a kinky idea. I love that one 😉

      good luck,

  5. loway says:

    Ops, sorry, i found out the problem now , is i forgot to uncheck the “keep scale” in the options window of “Bake Second Life Sculpties”



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