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NHR-2 – The story of Bones

Author: Gaia Clary

<div class="row-fluid"> <div class="span6 rhcol"> In this lesson we go even into more details about how the SL Avatar's Bone System is actually constructed. You might be aware that the Second Life Avatar was originally created with Maya. Thus many of its properties result from how the Maya Animation System was implemented. That's why we decided to add a small excursion into Maya to better understand the Bone orientations of the SL Avatar within Blender. And since Maya uses the BVH format for its animations we have to take a closer look at this as well. </div> <div class="span6 rhcol"> <ul> <li>A bit of History</li> <li>About BVH</li> <li>The T-Pose</li> <li>Tools Differ</li> <li>Maya in More detail</li> <li>Proceed to Blender</li> <li>Adding a single Bone</li> <li>Show Bone Axes in Object Mode</li> <li>BVH again ...</li> <li>The Avastar Trick</li> <li>Editing the Bone(s)</li> <li>Bone Edit Mode</li> <li>Offset and Roll</li> <li>Bone Axes in Pose/Edit Mode</li> <li>Bone Transform Properties</li> <li>Transformations in Edit Mode</li> <li>The Bone Data Properties</li> </ul> </div> </div>

NHR-1 – Skeleton Structure

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Author: Gaia Clary

<div class="row-fluid"> <div class="span6 rhcol"> This is an introduction lesson. You will learn almost everything about how the Avastar-rig is organized and for what the different bone groups are supposed to be used. <p>Please see this lesson as the foundation on which all the rest of the course is built up.</p> </div> <div class="span6 rhcol"> <ul> <li>The Avastar (overview)</li> <li>The Properties window</li> <li>The Skeleton Layers</li> <li>Display Properties</li> <li>Bone Groups</li> <li>The Outliner</li> <li>Best Practices</li> </ul> </div> </div>

SLS-7 Rest Pose and SL Default Avatar

Author: Gaia Clary

But we are not yet at the end, the next hiccup already waits around the corner. So?^ i already mentioned that the mesh model in blender is an exact replica of the Second life default character. However, now i want to prove this statement by doing a visual comparison.<break time="0.7s"/>

SLS-5 Weight Maps

Author: Gaia Clary

Let me try to give you an easy explanation. Take a look at the Avatar head. The blue line indicates the head-bone, <break time="0.4s"/> The red circle marks the Bone tip?^, <break time="0.6s"/> and the corresponding slider value?^ is initially set to zero.<break time="1s"/>

SLS-3 The SL Appearance Editor

Author: Gaia Clary

So, lets visit the Shape sliders again, <break time="1s"/> Here we see that all those sliders which change the bone-length <break strength="weak"/> also apply to the Mesh. <break time="2s"/>