1: Create your personal account:

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What are my benefits when i create an account?

– Permanent access to your downloads
– Permanent access to the Product archive
– Early Access to Beta versions
– Automatic password recovery via EMail


– You can use any account name you like.
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Important: The purchase of a product from us does not automatically create an account for you!
If in doubt then consider to create a new account (see toggle bar above). There is no problem with that.

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2: Recover your Download Link

I Purchased from Second Life

You normally find the activation link in the Nearby Chat right after purchasing.

I lost my Secondlife purchase info…

  1. Go to the JASS-Shop in SL
  2. Locate the purple Octopus that sits in the little Witch hut.
  3. Click on the Octopus.
  4. Receive your download link in the URL Popup window.
  5. Or look in your Nearby Chat for the link
Please look for the Witch hut on the right side of the Shop.

I Purchased from Paypal

You normally get the activation link via Email within 60 minutes after purchasing.

I lost my Paypal purchase info…

Step 1: Get the list of your purchases

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We send you an Email containing a list of your purchases.

Step 2: Assign your purchases to your account

After you received the Email, then please proceed as follows:

  1. Ensure you are logged in to your Machinimatrix account
  2. Open the Email that you received
  3. Click on any one of the links in the list

Now all your purchases are assigned to your account.

Note: If you already created an account and logged in on the Machinimatrix Website, then your product activation link beams you directly to the download section and you are done.