Rights and Duties

In general 3D content that was created with our Tools or made by following our tutorials fully belong to you. And so you can do whatever you like with your content. And you can redistribute your content with any license terms you like. However, some of our products use items from third parties. And these items come along with their own usage terms.

It is your duty to check how the third party TOS policies apply to your work



TOS for third party items

We use data from

Any work based on the above mentioned data has its own license terms. MakeHuman has switched to a commons CC0 license which basically allows you to do what ever you like with your creations. For details please see Explanation of new license terms

For the SL default Avatar please check with Linden Lab. As far as we are concerned the data can be redistributed under a creative Common shareable license. We do not know which license terms apply to any work which is directly based on the SL Default Avatar data.

Re-Distribution of your blendfiles

You can officially redistribute your blend files together with the Avastar Rig. You only need to take care of:

  • The Avastar Rig contains the SL avatar using the CC-BY-3.0 license.
  • The Starlight skin textures from Eloh Eliot use the MIT License.
  • The Avastar-Rig components made by us use the CC-BY-3.0 license.

As far as we know those elements can be redistributed as long as you follow the license policies.

For us it is sufficient when you mention that your blendfile contains the Avastar-Rig using the CC-BY-3.0 license.
For LindenLabs and Eloh Eliot please contact them if you are in doubt.

Re-Distribution of our software

Our software products (Avastar, Sparkles, Primstar, …) can not be re distributed in any form nor can our products be resold by anybody under any circumstances. We will take action to prevent such practices and protect our self and our customers from any business destroying activities.

Please notify us about license violations

Should you get an offer from anybody for purchasing a download link to our software, then we encourage you to send an email to: