Sparkles-Pro: Shape Key Copy

The Shape Key Copy Tool

Our Shape copy tool allows to copy shape keys from arbitrary meshes with similar shape to a target mesh. The source meshes do not need to use the same topology as the target mesh.

The documentation will be provided as soon as possible. The tool is available with Sparkles-1.4. You can see the Tool in action in the 4th of the provided Videos.

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  1. marc vanfraechem says:

    Hi Gaia I bought avastar and sparkles this month, in the tutorial 3/4 of sparkles….My dress is bound to the armature as in the video, in shape Keys, I click right on Belly key, and I see a different menu then the video shows ! I kan not klik on Add Drivers because add Drivers does not appear in the menu I use Blender 2,74.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Amphei Jierdon says:

    Hi, I bought Sparkles and tried to follow the video 4/4. Everything works fine, until time stamp 4:53 in the video.

    My options in the slider attachment panel look different then in the video. While in the video, there are 3 buttons, “No Sliders”, “SL Appearance”, “Shape Keys”, my panel only has 1 button, with the option “Attach Sliders”.

    When I press “Attach Sliders”, the buttons change and now I have the option “Apply Sliders” and a grayed option “Refresh Shape”.

    What must I do, to get the option “Shape Keys”, like shown in the video?

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