Avastar-2: Bind to Pose Operator

The blend file used in this video: bindpose.blend

Avastar-2 now has limited support for arbitrary rest poses. So you no longer have to work strictly in T-Pose.

I.e. you can temporary switch to a better suited Rest pose (like an A pose for example) to bind your meshes and tweak the weights.

Then later you can switch back to the Original Second Life Restpose (T-Pose)

The video tells more.

Note: We provide this blend file as is and only for demo purposes. If you intend to reuse parts of this blend file for any other prupose than learning for yourself, then please ensure that you have the appropriate rights to do so.

The original of this file was downloaded from blendswap.com

You have active Avastar support?
Avastar-2 for Bento
is in your download folder.

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  1. Gaia Clary says:

    which viewer do you use for uploading? Only the bento project viewer can do that at the moment.

  2. jenoskan says:

    hello, i bought the update for avastar 2,0, but just as the first comment above kitja rexie i cant upload the rig in sl
    Can you make another tutorial with the new panels? Or should i go back to avastar 1?
    Thank you very much