Avastar 2.1 Release is out

Dear customers

Finally we got it, we have released Avastar-2 on 1-october-2017 with many improvements and new features including full support for the Bento Skeleton. A more detailed document about the new features will be released in the next few days.

For now here are the most important infos for our customers:

  1. Whenever you have purchased Avastar-2 in the past,
    you will get updates for additional 364 days starting from 1-october-2017.
  2. The help pages in the documentation are complete by now
    except for the main page which will be updated soon.
  3. The basic tutorials will be updated until end of October 2017
  4. The Avastar documentation will remain available to you
    regardless of any subscription purchase.

New prices

We will put our 2017 prices into effect on sunday 15 october 2017. So should you not yet have upgraded to Avastar-2 yet, then this is the right time to get your license:

  • Upgrade from Avastar-1 for just 3500 Linden$ (or 14 US$ )
  • Get a new license for just 6500 Linden$ ( or 27 US$)

Please visit our JASS-Shop in SL or get your license via Paypal from the Avastar product page

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  1. Aleksandr says:

    Im lost in prices.
    I dont have Avastar yet and want to get it.
    What differences between buying new license for 6500 now and buying license for 10000 after 15 October?

    • Aleksandr says:

      Sorry. i forgot. I need exactly full Avastar 2 with bento

    • Gaia Clary says:

      Short answer:

      currently we still sell Avastar for a discount price. The discount offer ends on 15-october.

      Long answer:

      As long as Avastar-2 was in development we offered the software for a lower price because the software was obvioulsy not running stable all the time and we did not want to charge full price for a development version. But now Avastar-2 is officially released. So we will raise the prices up to the final fees.

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